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On Monday February 24, 2003 08:32, Oliver Bausinger wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm following this with much interest.
> On Mon, 2003-02-24 at 16:56, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > > Currently I however refuse to consider depending aRts on a GUI
> > > toolkit, whereas glib would only be a moderately sized C portability
> > > library. In fact, I would even think that depending Qt on glib would
> > > be a very wise decision interoperability wise, because it would open
> > > a much easier path towards in-process coexistence of GNOME and KDE
> > > code snippets.
> >
> > In theory, glib is not a GUI toolkit, no. But in practice, glib is a
> > foundation of the GNOME system, and is not used in KDE.  This puts KDE
> > developers at a severe disadvantage if the KDE media system makes you
> > use it.
> Why? (Just for the sake of being different to GNOME? ... how silly)
> What are the technical reasons for not wanting to depend on glib as an
> object type system. From what I can see, it is
> - small (can't really say that about

Qt is zero cost in the KDE media system, as we already have it.  In terms 
of absolute cost to use, glib is infinitely higher than Qt.  Try again.

> - portable (even under Windows, not sure)
> - mature (iteration 2.x.x)
> - well tested and used (GStreamer and more)

Who cares?

> KDE has no problem to rely on GNOME's libxml/libxslt, nor has it a
> problem to rely on many 3rdparty libs. There's nothing special about
> glib.

You miss the entire point.  KDE's APIs don't force you to use libxml.  
libxml is internal.  KDE apps in general don't even use it.  They use Qt's 
XML support.  The one publlc XML API (KXMLGUI) even uses it.

> So, perhaps someone can give me a little more technical insight about
> possible problems.

The problem is that we already have an object system.  A second one gets in 
the way.  One obligation in choosing a KDE system is to ensure development 
is efficient.
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