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On Sunday 23 February 2003 07:45, tech at wrote:
> 1)  I have the skeleton of a new PlayObject written, and I want to try
> it out.  However, artsd keeps complaining about unknown file format when
> I use artsplay on one of my test files.  I've compared my .mcopclass
> file against various other ones, and I believe I have the format
> correct.  Where should I be looking to debug this?  All applicable files
> available upon request. I have both run kbuildsycoca by hand and logged
> out/in.

ksycoca has nothing to do with aRts, so this won't help... But what you 
definitely need to do after installing a new module for aRts is to restart 
artsd (as long as it affects the soundserver itself, that is).

If artsd can't find your implementation it's because the Trader is unable to 
give the right/needed information for aRts to use it. The Trader uses the 
.mcopclass files for lookup. So if aRts is looking for a module that can 
decode some format it asks the Trader if there is any module volunteering :-)

> 2a)  + 2b)

I think the best usage example of the Refiller is 
arts/flow/ (is there a good reason not to use the 
ByteStreamToAudio interface for a PlayObject?)

I don't know any more of that class... only that you need to reimplement if 
you want to use it since it's an abstract class (but I think that should've 
been clear by looking at the header, already).

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