Media Options for KDE 4

Tim Jansen ml at
Sun Feb 23 17:09:03 GMT 2003

On Sunday 23 February 2003 17:10, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > Doesn't Arts use C+glib?
> aRts, at least in the public APIs, uses C++ and the standard library, which
> I listed as a con. :-)

If you use my GStreamer bindings, you should be able to do everything in C++ 
with Qt, as long as you don't write new plugins. 
But if you want to fix/change any internals you need to deal with C+glib, just 
like in arts' scheduler.

> > (BTW I think that C+glib is more pleasant than 'pure' C - just GObject
> > sucks)
> And a GStreamer guy told me back when I was researching video options that
> GStreamer is firmly based on GObject.  Is that false?

The base classes of GStreamer are GObjects. So if you need to write a plugin, 
you need to extend from them. It's probably possible to wrap that as well 
(because Gtk++ does), but I did not work on that yet.


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