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Sun Feb 23 13:57:35 GMT 2003

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On Sunday February 23, 2003 05:50, Tim Jansen wrote:
> On Sunday 23 February 2003 02:29, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > aRts:
> > Jack:
> > Xine:
> > CSL:  (correct any errors here, please, I can't find much CSL
> > information)
> You can't compare those as contenders. In most apps Jack and CSL do not
> make much sense without a media-framework like Xine or GStreamer. Arts
> and MAS are the only integrated systems.

Well, we do have a choice before us:  For KDE 4 we can either base our 
system first on our desktop media needs, or we can base our system on 
supporting high-end audio.

No, you really can't compare Xine with CSL.  But the fact is, each can 
supply a subset of the needs KDE users have.

> > Anyone care to add an option I didn't list here?
> GStreamer.
> Pro: much more powerful than all the options that you have listed (full
> support for video & audio, encoding & decoding); actively maintained
> backend; very large number of codecs, converters, filters and effects,
> i/o plugins and so on; already used by a KDE app (JuK); used by Gnome
> (thus there is a way to write codecs for both DEs); intends to keep
> binary compatibility from 0.6.0 on; nice, Qt-friendly C++ wrappers :)
> Con: i am not perfectly happy with its reliability yet, but it is
> improving (and must be stable for the next Gnome version); backend is in
> C with glib; right now plugins must be written using C/glib; no KIO
> source and sinks yet


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