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On Fri, Feb 21, 2003 at 10:22:27AM -0700, David Bishop wrote:
> *obligatory complaint*
> Um, the docs on arts really suck :-(  Maybe I'm just spoiled with the great Qt 
> and KDE docs, but it's really disappointing to find that even the headers are 
> poorly commented (for instance, see Arts::Refiller at 
>, and based soley 
> off of that (or anything else on that site), tell me what it's return value 
> is supposed to represent, or what, exactly, is supposed to be in buffer after 
> it returns.  I'm having to figure this stuff out by reading the source to 
> other PlayObjects :-((  (thanks for the pointers to those, by the way.  the 
> corrollary to the "docs suck" complaint would be that the mailing list is 
> responsive)
> *end of obligatory complaint*

Free Software: if it breaks, you get to keep both pieces. Please, if you
find something thats wrong, learn not to accept it. Send me patches to
documentation if its broken. Offer to work on the website if its insufficient.

TrollTech has a lot of full time employees only working on Qt, and getting
paid for that. They do have customers. Thus its sure that they do have the
resources to write good code and really good documentation.

   Cu... Stefan
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