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Stefan Westerfeld stefan at space.twc.de
Sat Feb 22 21:07:08 GMT 2003


On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 09:50:41PM +0100, Roger Larsson wrote:
> I start with myself:
>  I try to learn. And do some patches when I can improve something,
>  like "[PATCH2] libkmid and alsa" that has received no reaction from
>  others...

Since ages the plan has been to some day obsolete libkmid by appropriate aRts
based interfaces. Libkmid is hardly maintained, and in the interest of
convergence of multimedia technology, it would be great if for instance
kmidi and kmid could both be merged into noatun.

However, since nobody is putting too much energy into doing that, there has
been not much progress, except for the fact that aRts does support OSS and
ALSA midi, and can synchronize these with synthesis.

> > I've been told that
> > "kaboodle sounds really nice," so that speaks well for our decoders.
> Sometimes when I insert an effect, like FREEVERB, it does not sound that
> great...

If you find something that is broken, fix it, find somebody who can fix it
for you or live with it.

I don't even know from your sentence what exactly is the problem: if the
effect itself is badly implemented, yes, this can be true: its just a free
reverb implementation. Patents and such endanger good DSP code all the time,
and good DSP code is hard to write and requires a lot of understanding, which
is why the free DSP code is not always good DSP code.

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