aRts vs JACK

Jozef Kosoru jozef.kosoru at
Fri Feb 21 20:22:01 GMT 2003

Neil Stevens wrote:
> On Friday February 21, 2003 04:50, Arnold Krille wrote:
>> Just somehting on argueing-styles:
>> Please do not use words and phrases like never, always or
>> constantly. They are a lie most times...
> Oh yeah?  You'd be surprised.
> And how can it be a "lie" if I didn't refer to anyone in particular?  Just
> exactly what was the lie?

Well, I'm that one who has initiated this thread. So I'm problaby supposed
to be that one who never interact, never file reports, and constantly
bash aRts. Right?

A long time ago I wrote ALSA-0.5.x output support for the aRts and forced to
make an abstraction layer for the output routines (at those times, there
was OSS support only). I guess it shouldn't be a problem for me to write
the JACK output plugin. It'll be an additional layer for the aRts - but
that's ok; aRts has a huge latency anyway and for playing kaboodle it
really doesn't matter.
...but my opinion is still same: aRts is overdesigned, too slow, 
unnecessary complex and has an unacceptable latency even on fast CPUs. 

>> On Friday 21 February 2003 09:22, Neil Stevens wrote:
>> > Eh?  It's not people who file useful reports, people who cooperate,
>> > that I complain about. It's people who never interact, never file
>> > reports, and constantly bash aRts that I complain about.  It's that
>> > garbage that was on kde-devel last time I bothered with that list.
>> Nevertheless, if aRts is going to be replaced in kde4, the replacement
>> has to be able of a lot of things! It should be a working soundserver
>> not just an idea...
> Why would we assume that aRts is going be replaced for KDE 4?

Ok, replacement is not possible but I would vote for cutting the aRts
sources to the minimum. How many KDE users will ever need aRts builder and
all those things? Is there any logic to have a realtime sythesizer as a
default sound server in the desktop enviroment? It's like to have a 3D
modeling tool instead of KPaint or MATLAB instead of KCalc.
(and all those advaced features are not useful for serious applications
anyway - eg. rosegarden) I use KDE every day but I don't need the realtime
sythesizer as I don't need such thing on M$ Windows or any other operating
system! (at least not as a default audio core for the whole desktop)


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