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On Friday February 21, 2003 11:45, David Bishop wrote:
> Um, speaking of which: as this is a sort of howto/faq'ish document,
> where do you want it?  Should I start a new document, or patch headers
> (where applicable), add to the "handbook", what?  It's up to you, as
> you're the one doing the webpage (and the one with cvs access).  And, by
> the way, I didn't know about  Maybe
> should link back to it?  I'm undoubtably just blind, but the more links
> the better...

I think you should just make your own document, in docbook.  See and

Writing your own document would likely be easier than integrating with 
another document.

As for links, hopefully Stefan is reading and will add the link on :-)

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