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On Friday February 21, 2003 07:53, Roger Larsson wrote:
> On Friday 21 February 2003 09:22, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > What is this, and what would it do for us?

Thank you.  I wish you'd led off the thread with this, instead of that 
snippet about dropping aRts. :-)

In the past, there have been people who said that aRts doesn't satisfy 
certain high-end needs.  Well, accessing jack plugins from artsd and/or 
writing an artsd layer to jack would serve those needs, great.  That would 
surely be easier than replacing aRts.  *Especially* since aRts has had 
years of portability work put into it, and this Jack system is explicity 
linux-specific, so jackd would not be qualified as an actual artsd 

> Jack is a new audio server that is developed by people on
> linux-audio-dev mailing list.
> Once upon a time Linux audio applications wrote interfaces towards arts.
> Now the interface linux-audio-dev people care about is jack. It was a
> long time ago since I heard anything about arts there...

Well, if they developed the system, I would expect that they talk about 
that system and not any other. :-)

OK, looking at Jack, they say that they're low-latency and aRts isn't.  If 
that's true, then I think aRts (especially that capital R) is badly named.  
I hope Stefan is around and reading this thread to comment on this.

If these people themselves used aRts, I would think they'd have kept their 
code sorta compatible:

And sure enough, it does look like a much less portable version of aRts.  
So I'm hopeful that it'd be possible to allow artsd to use jack plugins, 
and make a jack plugin that would emulate artsd.  I'm just not hopeful 
that there's someone who'd want to code it.

> If arts did function as a jack host it could become the end user choice
> since jackd more directed toward professional users.


So, did you want to work on this?  I can't imagine anyone would object to 
shipping a plugin that allows the use of jack plugins.

However, I do think that an artsd-emulating jack plugin would not belong in 
the KDE release, but rather would best fit as a separate package that 
serves as a replacement for the regular arts releases.  The only changes 
needed to KDE should be to the Sound Server kcontrol module, to be able to 
choose and configure jackd instead of artsd.

thanks again,

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