ARTSd and constant CPU time chugging

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Wed Feb 19 22:30:30 GMT 2003

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On Wednesday 19 February 2003 21:42, David Bishop wrote:
> On Wednesday 19 February 2003 01:32 pm, Daniel Molkentin wrote:
> > On Wednesday 19 February 2003 21:25, Hetz Ben Hamo wrote:
> > Why not? We should carefully evaluate to support GStreamer as an
> > alternative backend. I'll leave the estimation of a realistic timeframe
> > for this to the real experts, though (Tim?).
> Again, this thread belongs on kde-multimedia, where, if you search the

Yes, yes, yes!!! It _really_ belongs to kde-multimedia...

> Actually, if you don't have code, it probably wouldn't do much good to even
> bring it up :-)  And I say that not to rebuff you (and everyone else who's
> pro-gstreamer), just that this has been brought up many times before with
> no actual results, and.... *shrug*

Another thing to think of: Unless we work for kde4 we have to binarie 
compatible! And if you switch to an entirely other soundserver you are not BC 
with half of kdemultimedia (the rest of kde might be through the wrapper of 

And kde4 is a completely different thing. I remember a discussion on irc about 
this, which I didn't follow but I've got a log...

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