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Roger Larsson roger.larsson at norran.net
Wed Feb 19 21:31:27 GMT 2003

Arnold Krille wrote:
> On Wednesday 19 February 2003 18:06, Jozef Kosoru wrote:
> > > > IMHO the only way to get rid of the artsd problems is forget about it.
> > The correct solution (I know that it's just sci-fi) is to 'rm -rf arts'
> > and write the necessary API for the KDE from the scratch. aRts was the
> > KDE project mistake but now is a bit too late to make such a drastic
> > rewrite.
> I know aRts isn't the best, but isn't your 'solution' a bit to drastic?

I do not think it is that drastic. Most usages of audio are contained in
simple wrapper classes (KNotify, KAudioPlayer) and in a low number of
programs. (most in kdemultimedia)
It can be done if we want to...

But note that Arts handles video/network transparency/etc. too...

> Instead of complaining you could help Stefan Westerfeld & co. to write 
> something new...

The problem with arts as I see it is that it is quite difficult to get into,
since it is quite advanced and have lots of features.

But also since there are code
 that is not expected to be used (oggvorbis_artsplugin),
 competing code (kdemultimedia/mpeglib/lib/oggvorbis
                           and arts/flow/gsl/gslloader-oggvorbis)

So the question for those of you with crystal balls is "will Stefan & co. be
able to keep ahead of the rest".

How to keep ahead:
* a jack host(!) in artsd (a client should be implemented too...)
* use of LADSPA plugins in addition to arts own.
* update documentation


Roger Larsson

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