avoid workarounds!

Stefan Westerfeld stefan at space.twc.de
Fri Feb 7 09:55:19 GMT 2003


I was recently greeted with the message

| On last startup, KNotify crashed while creating Arts::Dispatcher. Do you
| want to try again or disable aRts Sound output?

on login. Could you _please_ not try to spend work on fixing the symptoms
but on fixing the problems?

Kludging workarounds in higher-level stuff for broken lower-level stuff is
ineffective, hides the real source of the problems and should not be done.
If aRts crashes, it should be fixed, and not the program using aRts (which
is impossible to do while keeping the featureset it was using aRts for in
the first place anyway).

   Cu... Stefan (somewhat annoyed)
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