Probs w. Kmid / SB AWE

Christoph Dohmen chdohmen at
Mon Feb 3 10:08:09 GMT 2003


on the weekend I updated my KDE from 3.0.5 to 3.1 on my SuSE Linux 7.3.
I am very amazed, that it is not possible to play midi-files wether in kmid 
nor in kmidi. The configuration-dialog does not present any selection!
The hardware is still running, because I can play midi-files with playmidi!
I use a Soundblaster AWE 32. And the read tells me to compile the sources by 
myself, if the rpm-package makes problems, because it's not compiled with 
AWE-support :-(
I tried to compile the src-rpm package, but the resulting file was not able to 
deal with my soundcard, too!
So, what can I do, to use the mmidi-interface of my soundcard?

Christoph Dohmen                    ChDohmen at

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