[Bug 71537] equalizer disabled although configfileoption is "true" and it's activated

grrltalk at operamail.com grrltalk at operamail.com
Wed Dec 31 12:01:18 GMT 2003

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Subject: Re:  equalizer disabled although configfileoption is
    "true" and it's activated

i'm not sure i get you right: there is no way to safe the last eq setting manually! up to kde 3.1.4 noatun really did load the last setting, as described by you, although it did not select the "name of the preset", but that was no problem for me.

in this version (2.2.3) of noatun, the "Enabled" checkbox is disabled on every startup although it was still checked when shutting down noatun: i have to rightklick  the trayicon, choose "equalizer", then click "Enable" and last but not least i have to choose my favorite preset.

so noatun does not remember my overall eq preferences properly anymore. due to another problem, i deleted my "~/.kde" -directory and all the files in it, so my configuration is quite new and not mixed with older versions of KDE-packages and programs

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