NoteEdit 2.3.4

Joerg Anders j.anders at
Mon Dec 22 17:31:40 GMT 2003

Version 2.3.4 of the musical score editor NoteEdit (GPL)  is available:

New features:

	- Improvements in MusicXML import 
		Thanks to Leon Vinken <leon.vinken at>

	  NoteEdit is now able to import MusicXML files produced
	  by Rosegarden. Unfortunately, Rosegarden forgets the
	  "sharp" and "flat" statements :-(
	  and it produces 64 <score-part..> statements. This
	  leads to 64 staves in NoteEdit.  It is recommended
	  to delete the empty <score-part..> statements in XML
	  file before importing the file.

	- Minor changes and bug fixes: Among them:
		score layout window mapping bug (Only KDE2/Qt2)

If you can't bring your MIDI device to work please py attention
to the new Timidity++ chapter in documentation:

And to the step-by-step instructions of how to de-compress and install
the FluidR3 soundfont on Linux using the Windows emulator wine:

J.Anders, Chemnitz, GERMANY (ja at

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