[Bug 70269] mpeglib_artsplug does not compile

aaronw at net.com aaronw at net.com
Thu Dec 18 01:31:27 GMT 2003

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------- Additional Comments From aaronw at net.com  2003-12-18 02:31 -------
I was able to get this to compile by changing the order of include files in decoderBaseObject_impl.cpp.  By moving decoderBaseObject_impl.h before ../mpeglib/lib/decoder/decoderPlugin.h fixes the problem.  The new include lines look like the following:

 #include <connect.h> 	 #include <connect.h>
 #include "decoderBaseObject_impl.h" 	 
 #include "../mpeglib/lib/decoder/decoderPlugin.h"

Basically this is just reverting a change made between 1.25 and 1.27.

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