Programming KDEArts, how?

Arnold Krille arnold at
Wed Dec 10 17:14:58 GMT 2003

On Wednesday 10 December 2003 18:04, Jorge wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2003 17.21 schrieb Arnold Krille:
> > On Wednesday 10 December 2003 17:00, Jorge wrote:
> > > I've tried to use KAudioPlayStream, with negative results. The problem
> > > is that the whole thing isn't really described, or I haven't found it.
> > > Has anyone links to docus for KAudioPlayStream?
> > Yes. The link is in the reply-to of this mail ;-)
> A living docu! :)

No, its because of no time to write some kind of howto...

> > Your are right, KAudioPlayStream isn't fully developed. It just works in
> > polling-mode. In that mode the signal requestData( QByteArray ) is
> > emitted and you have to fill the array with your data. start and stop
> > should be self-explaining, I hope.
> Yes, after donwloading kartsserver, kaudiomanagerplay, kaudioplaystream,
> etc..., adapting them so that the thing compiles on my config, I noticed
> that the ::write(...) method was empty! ;) BTW, the QByteArray thing drives
> me crazy! I dunno how to use the beast!

Use it it polling mode...

> My code looks is:
<big code snip>
> The problem is that the response isn't very good (the data is coming from a
> server) and that it, obviously, freezes the program until the while is
> finished.

I would build an own buffer inside the app and let the slot connected with 
requestData( QByteArray& ) fill the array with as much data as the buffer has 
(or the array allows) and let the rest of the array be the default-null.
That way you don't get a blocking in your app...

> > For a example see the sources of KRec (in kde-multimedia). It uses the
> > KAudio*Stream classes...
> Hmmm, that means wading through the internet, do you have the relevant
> sources? If you, could you mail them to me?

Mailed in private...


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