movie file preview regular size not icon

Guy Forssman guyf at
Sun Aug 31 10:10:31 BST 2003

Hi There,

In konqueror when I move the mouse over a playable file (wav,mpg,etc) on
my old kde 3.0.2 kde start to play the file and stop when mouse isn't on
the icon anymore. 
Now in Mandrake 9.1 withe the new kde3.1.3 this function doesn' work
On sound icons the song is started everything is fine! 
On movie icons only sounds starts I have no picture! 
Can somebody help me on this one? 

ps I'm not talking about playing the movie in the icon. I'm talking
about starting the movie without clicking on the the movie icon? Just
moving the icon above the icon used to start the movie and when you
moved the mouse away from the icon the movie stops.

thank you for your time!
Guy Forssman <guyf at>

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