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Sun Aug 17 18:08:37 BST 2003

On Sunday August 17 2003 17:07, Martin Koller wrote:
> Yes, I have seen this.
> But does this mean, whenever a method from the AudioManager object is
> called, you have to check against isNull() before ?
> Shouldn't this in that case be done inside the crashing methods ?

This should not be done inside those methods since you never know if the 
object in your process or not. If it's in your process the checks aren't 
Ideally artsd would never go away and isNull() checks would not be needed. We 
all know that this is just a dream and that we should check whereever it's 
needed or makes sense.

And, if you're very unlucky it might happen that artsd disappears between an 
isNull() and the method call.
The right solution would probably be to use exceptions and throw one inside 
the method call if the object is not accessible.

> > A better way would be to make Artscontrol use KArtsServer in every place
> > where objects on the soundserver are used - this would give us a new
> > artsd if one goes down, and you can recreate all objects on the
> > soundserver when KArtsServer emits restartedServer().
> As I'm new to Arts, I have no idea where and how to manage this ...

Looks like Arnold more or less wants to do that :-)

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