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Sun Aug 17 16:07:59 BST 2003

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On Saturday 16 August 2003 23:31, Matthias Kretz wrote:
> Oh, don't go into mcopidl generated code :-) either you're very brave and
> wanna know it all, or you just stick to some basic understanding of what
> MCOP objects are...
> Take a look at kdemultimedia/arts/tools/audiomanager.cpp:47
>    AudioManager = Arts::Reference("global:Arts_AudioManager");
>    changes = AudioManager.changes()-1;
> I guess this is the place where it crashes. Because AudioManager.isNull()
> returns true if the soundserver is gone.

Yes, I have seen this.
But does this mean, whenever a method from the AudioManager object is called, 
you have to check against isNull() before ?
Shouldn't this in that case be done inside the crashing methods ?

> So you at least need to do sth. like
> if( !AudioManager.isNull() )
> 	changes = AudioManager.changes()-1;
> else
> 	//error handling - show error msg and quit
> A better way would be to make Artscontrol use KArtsServer in every place
> where objects on the soundserver are used - this would give us a new artsd
> if one goes down, and you can recreate all objects on the soundserver when
> KArtsServer emits restartedServer().

As I'm new to Arts, I have no idea where and how to manage this ...

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