[Bug 62397] Noatun crash when saving m3u file

Philip Wall wallp at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 13 01:15:38 BST 2003

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------- Additional Comments From wallp at earthlink.net  2003-08-13 02:15 -------
This gets more interesting. The original M3U is just a text file with paths to
the mp3 files.
If I do a Save As in the playlist editor and save it with a different name it
producs some XML based playlist. Maybe thats part of the issue, when it crashes
it's looking for XML stuff which isn't present in the original and so it blows up.
After doing the save as routine and reopening the original list it doesn't crash
when I save the file but it's not actually modifing the file.
What bz2 download file is noatun a part of and I can try and redo just it with
debug on?

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