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Wed Aug 6 18:20:09 BST 2003

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On Wednesday August 06, 2003 10:04, Tim Jansen wrote:
> On Wednesday 06 August 2003 16:29, Charles Samuels wrote:
> > On Wednesday 06 August 2003 7:26, Morten Hustveit wrote:
> > > Since Flash is interactive, I don't think it fits into a framwork
> > > even remotely like this.  Its functionality is more similar to that
> > > of KSVG, and should have (roughly) the same interface.
> >
> > Flash is exactly like DVD, and we want DVD-support in our framework...
> I don't think so. If you write something that plays DVDs you probably
> want to use all capabilities of a DVD (subtitles, multi-angle, selecting
> audio streams etc) and also all capabilities of the framework/backend
> (de-interlacing and similar filters, an equalizer etc). You won't be
> able to wrap this into a simple API, and I don't think that there would
> be a sane way to do this without becoming backend-dependent. Actually I
> think that complex, interactive formats like DVD VOBs, Flash and
> interactive MPEG4 always need specialized code in the player.

Well, sure you want specialized UI code, I agree, but why can't you have an 
extensible API to support this stuff?

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