[Bug 56059] aRtsd crashes if loading StereoCompressor before any other effects (was: artsd crashes at krec startup)

Christian Roerecke christian.roerecke at web.de
Fri Aug 1 12:14:18 BST 2003

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------- Additional Comments From christian.roerecke at web.de  2003-08-01 13:14 -------
the crash depends in my setup if I compile kdemultimedia/arts without debug information. 
I checked out the module kdemultimedia twice and configured the with and without debug 
switches. If I install from either of them, the one without debug information crashes artsd with a 
memory failure (Speicherzugriffsfehler). 
Where would be the diffrence in our setups? I'm compiling with gcc 2.95.3, I assume you, 
Arnold, use gcc 3.x. 
Are there other diffences which could cause this bug? 

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