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On Monday 30 September 2002 02:59, Skaz wrote:
> hey, sorry for just emailing out of the blue but was given your email by a
> mate who said you knew stuff about vcds.  bascially ive got a messed up vcd
> that won't play but has the main dat file intact and undamaged.  is there
> any way i can burn it onto a cd with the files it needs to work properly?
> ive got other vcds with vcd players and stuff on them. cheers for any help
> you can give me
> skaz

Look for kio_vcd on (if it's up), or kio_vcd in kdenonbeta. It's 
an IO-Slave that lets you access the raw data on (S)VCDs in KDE by offering a 
protocol named "vcd" for konqueror and other KDE applications.

Try "vcd:/" in konqueror after you compiled and installed kio_vcd.


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