Question about librt in xine_artsplugin

Andy Fawcett andy at
Thu Sep 26 07:42:28 BST 2002


While building the xine plugin for arts on FreeBSD, we notice that it's 
trying to include librt for some reason.


    libarts_xine_la_LIBADD = $(XINE_LIBS) $(LIB_X11) $(LIB_XEXT) \
          -lkmedia2_idl -lsoundserver_idl -lartsflow -lrt

My question is, what is librt, because we don't have it on FreeBSD, and 
removing '-lrt' from the apparently causes no problems?

Should this library be removed from the linking stage, because it seems 
superfluous to me? If it's needed on any platform, should it be detected in 
"configure", and only added by something like $(LIBRT) ?



Andy Fawcett
andy at

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