[Bug 48255] New: starting noatun causes artsd to segfault in library libnoatunarts.so

Ewald Snel ewald at rambo.its.tudelft.nl
Wed Sep 25 18:34:27 BST 2002

Hi Doug,


> I am running on an athlon XP 1600+. Running noatun causes artsd to segfault
> in libnoatunarts.so, in file StereoVolumeControl_impl.cpp at the point
> where SSE code is executed.
> segfaults here -> __asm__ __volatile__(
>                         "pushl $100                       \n"
>                         "fildl (%%esp)                    \n"
>                         "fildl %5                         \n"

This problem seems to be caused by a bug in gcc 3.2. I have send a bugreport 
to the gcc development team almost a month ago (#7730). Hopefully, it will be 
fixed in gcc 3.3.

You could try using the -mno-omit-leaf-frame-pointer and/or *not* using the 
-fomit-frame-pointer gcc flags. I'm currently using the following patch which 
also seems to 'fix' this problem (see attachment).


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