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On Thursday September 19, 2002 12:45, Thomas Zander wrote:
> I asked before; but I should not ask a bunch of questions in one email
> :)
> - Why do I see an artsd process running for users that don't have write
> rights to the relevant /dev files ? (group audio in a default debian
> install) Is there a way to simply disallow artsd to be started?

You can disable artsd the same way you can disable anything else on a unix 
system.  If you only want people in group audio to run artsd, then you 
need to chgrp audio artsd, and chmod o-x artsd.  This assumes that 
artswrapper drops root before running artsd.  (Try it and see)

But remember that artsd does more than just shovel audio to a soundcard.  
artsd isn't esd.  There are valid uses that don't involve the sound card.  
And if you're worried about cpu cycles, what's so special about artsd?  
Sorting a large kmail folder by status can suck up a lot of cpu, too. :-)

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