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Neil Stevens neil at qualityassistant.com
Mon Sep 16 20:00:15 BST 2002

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On Monday September 16, 2002 11:27, Martijn Klingens wrote:
> On Monday 16 September 2002 19:35, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> > I guess the webserver isn't configured properly. It returns with the
> > following response. I dunno what .pls is supposed to be for type
> > (playlist?) but it should probably send along another mimetype than
> > text/plain.
> Yes, it's a playlist. The website of ID&T radio (www.id-t.com) does it
> correctly:
> kparts: BrowserRun::scanfile
> kparts: slotBrowserMimetype: found audio/x-scpls for
> So you need the mimetype audio/x-scpls.
> Can this be solved using mime magic and/or using the file extension (eek
> :) or do we require the server to be fixed instead?

What is there to solve on the KDE side?

In many Kaboodle wishes I've been pointed to these files.  Most contain 
only one URL, making them redundant.  The rest contain more than one url 
to the same server that supplied the list itself, meaning that server 
needs to have correct mime-type handling anyway, so that the playback 
itself will work!  In either case it's something for the server admin to 

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