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On Thursday September 05, 2002 01:07, Tim Jansen wrote:
> For the multimedia NG discussion...
> Today I  attended a presentation about MAS
> (  and spoke to the guys at the
> Linux Kongress, Cologne. MAS is basically a sound server, it could be
> used for other realtime media though, and seems to be a very nice
> system. But the most interesting news, at least for me, was that MAS is
> will be in X11R6.7. So in a year or two it could be included in every
> XFree....

Sounds fun, but is it actually tied to X?  I'd rather reduce, not increase, 
KDE's dependence on X.

> It has some very interesting properties:
> - like arts the server can accept data in common compressed formats like
> mpeg audio or ogg vorbis, thus reducing unneccessary network traffic or
> IPC. - all communication between clients and server uses RTP. This is
> certainly the right thing to do, especially for low-bandwidth
> connections, instead of relying only on TCP (which is possible with MAS
> though).
> - one important advantage of basing everything on RTP is that this can
> reduce the latency for VoIP applications. The latency added by sound
> servers can be quite bad for VoIP apps that need low-latency. Sending
> RTP to the application that decodes the data first and letting the
> application then send it to the sound server can cost several hundred
> ms. As all important VoIP protocols (SIP and H.323) rely on RTP for
> transport you can avoid the problems by letting the other end connect
> directly to the sound server and thus get perfect latency

But can it mix and filter?  I don't have time to manually read that 
locke-ddown format line by line to try to find the facts.


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