noteedit-2.0.15: gcc-3.x/TiMidity++

Joerg Anders j.anders at
Thu Sep 5 14:53:50 BST 2002

Version 2.0.15 of the musical score editor NoteEdit is available:

1.) In principle it can be compiled with gcc-3.x! But read
    this carefully: Many users install g++ - 3.x (and only gcc-3.x)
    and expect C++ programs can be linked with QTs/KDEs which are
    compiled with g++ - 2.x. But as experiences show:
    It is not possible! You have to re-compile the whole KDE
    and the whole Qt (takes 3 days). I did it and I couldn't
    start my self-compiled KDE/QT. So perhaps you have to
    re-compile still other (?) libraries.

    Or wait for a new SuSE version. SuSE (
    is the one and only distributer who includes NoteEdit.
    And I was notified by the SuSE Linux AG they prepare
    a special g++-3.x version of NoteEdit.

2.) All NoteEdit users who had problems (delay) 
    during replay using the TiMidity++ in server mode:

    I made a terrible mistake in documentation. The
    correct command is:

      timidity -iA -B2,8 -Os

    And do not forget to install the eawpats (otherwise
    the one and only instrument is piano):

3.) I'm not quite sure whether all works with the 
    gcc-3.x-compiled NoteEdit. They removed my
    preferred C++ class (ostrstream) and replaced
    it against another (ostringstream) which has
    different behaviour (seekp(0) does not cut the string).

    So if you have problems: Let me know!

J.Anders, Chemnitz, GERMANY (ja at

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