Is it me? (was: [patch] KRec)

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at
Thu Sep 5 14:29:18 BST 2002


> > Now all we need is a sound editor, and we're set.
> Maybe thats my next plan? If I have time while studying...
> My background is this: I was thinking of a multitrack-recording-studio. I 
> began with the GUI, while I was looking into aRts (effects and such 
> things...). Then I needed to do a recording with my laptop which has 1.7Gb 
> for win and 18Gb for Linux. I needed a recording-tool for Linux but there was 
> non for my favourite GUI, so I started to write one.
> One plan for the multitrack-idea is to look into Brahms...

You might also want to consider using a good multimedia toolkit like 
GStreamer (  It provides a lot of the stuff you're 
going to need if you are going to write one yourself.  Tim Janssen has 
made some KDE/Qt bindings for the playback side as a proof of concept so 
it shouldn't be too hard to extend those bindings.



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