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Thu Sep 5 13:57:10 BST 2002

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On Wednesday September 04, 2002 06:12, Arnold Krille wrote:
> On Wednesday 04 September 2002 01:48, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > On Tuesday September 03, 2002 08:57, Arnold Krille wrote:
> > Who maintains KRec?  Have you mailed the patch to that person
> > directly?
> Reffering to the my answers on kde-devel: I am the maintainer of KRec.
> I just wanted others to test this patch and maybe prove its stability
> since I thought we would like to come up with a stable kde soon...

Well, that's a good attitude.  I expect good things of KRec, if its author 
has that kind of commitment to code quality!

After reading the kde-devel thread, I just say this:  Welcome to the 
special experience of maintaining a small, unheraleded app in the KDE 
release!  Get used to the fact that nobody will know what your app is, and 
that nobody will know enough about your app to review your patches.  Just 
be careful and obey the freezes (message, feature), and all should be 

Of course, in #kde-users on IRC, KRec *will* be noticed.  A regularly 
asked, it not most frequent, question in there is about recording apps.  
In fact, if I'd had one around a couple days ago, Kolf might have had some 
sounds without Jason asking for them. :-)

Now all we need is a sound editor, and we're set.

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