Juhana Sadeharju kouhia at
Thu Oct 31 19:31:01 GMT 2002


I'm pleased to announce a new mailing list: linux-graphics-dev
at "".
It is a get-together list for open source, free graphics software
developers working in Linux.

The mailing list is convenietly also available in digested format
for those who cannot tolerate individual mails from yet another
mailing list and for those who are not exactly Linux developers.

Possible topics include:
 -Making people aware of existing software
 -What software are yet needed
 -How projects may benefit from other projects
 -Are there a need for Linux graphics standards
 -Guiding new developers to find a project which they can help
 -What projects would have a need for developers
 -The Big Picture
The discussion may well be quite technical.

linux-graphics-dev is a companion list for linux-audio-dev which
has been successfully around for a few years.

Best regards,


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