kfile_mp3 patch to support id3v2 tags

MadCoder pierre.habouzit at m4x.org
Sat Oct 26 19:05:52 BST 2002

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Le Samedi 26 Octobre 2002 12:37, Stefan Gehn a écrit :
> Heya,
> On Freitag Oktober 25 2002 21:15, MadCoder wrote:
> > this use id3lib, thats why i needed to modify the Makefile.am
> It does not compile with any of debian-sid libid3-versions :(
> With both libid3-3.8.0 and libid3-3.7 I get the following and some more
> errors (probably because libid3 is still a POS and had its API changed
> 24385th time):
> kfile_mp3.cpp:180: no matching function for call to `ID3_Tag::Link
> (QString, ID3_TagType)'
> /usr/include/id3/tag.h:74: candidates are: size_t ID3_Tag::Link(const
> char *, short unsigned int = 65535)
> With problems like this I'm against using libid3.
> Bye, Stefan aka mETz
madcoder at madbox:~> emerge  -s  id3lib
*  media-libs/id3lib
      Latest version available: 3.8.0
      Latest version installed: 3.8.0

i use also id3lib 3.8.0.

and the error you have is because there still fail one cast. a ID3_TagType 
is only an uint in fact ...

But if I must rewrtie some id3 lib, i'll do that.
But it will be more long, and painful
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