kde multimedia apps network transparency

Anders Johansson anders.johansson at bolina.hsb.se
Sat Oct 26 00:42:23 BST 2002

Thank you for replying

On Friday 25 October 2002 16.12, Matthias Kretz wrote:
> Hi,
> the problem you're describing is, that the PlayObjects are started on
> the server (artsd) which doesn't need to be running on the host where
> noatun is running.
> 1. solution: mount the directories where the files you're trying to play
> via NFS on the host where artsd is running (at the same location in the
> directory tree).

If that's a solution, then the file browser needs to run on the local machine 
as well. It doesn't make sense to browse the remote file system and then open 
a local file.

> 2. solution: Take a look at kdenonbeta/arts/jitterbuffer and
> kdenonbeta/arts/branch. With this you can start artsd on the same host
> where noatun is running and then start artsbranch on the host where you
> want to hear the sound. Currently artsbranch creates a new bus which is
> connected over the network with your soundcard. It's trivial to change
> that busname to out_soundcard which will give you all sounds artsd
> should be playing automatically on the host where artsbranch is started.
> If you have a slow connection you might be interested in
> kdenonbeta/arts/gsm as well. If you start artsbranch with the -g flag
> the audio stream will be compressed with GSM.
> For further instructions look at the README files in those directories.

Thanks, I'll try that.


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