kfile_mp3 patch to support id3v2 tags

MadCoder pierre.habouzit at m4x.org
Fri Oct 25 20:15:58 BST 2002

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the files are both in kdemultimedia/kfile-plugins/mp3/

This new version is fully compatible with the previous one, and works 
perfectly under 3.0.x versions.

its works so :
 * reading :
   - if there is an id3v1(.1) tag, let the old fashion
     that is pretty fast work.
   - if there isn't any, try to read id3v2.

 * wrinting :
   - if the new tag is not valid (to long headers for example),
     it writes an id3v2 tag, and strips the id3v1. if it's valid for
     an id3v1, it writes it, and strip id3v2.
   - if there is lyrics, it allways writes id3v2 tags.

this use id3lib, thats why i needed to modify the Makefile.am

what do you think about it ?
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