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Jason Wood jasonwood at
Thu Oct 24 21:01:18 BST 2002

On Thursday 24 Oct 2002 8:29 pm, Neil Stevens wrote:
> On Thursday October 24, 2002 12:23, Jason Wood wrote:
> > However, I have to ask the question at this point: if GStreamer is
> > already on the right track to a multimedia architecture that can provide
> > everything that everyone wants (I still haven't looked into GStreamer &
> > aRts enough to see if this is the case), then why bother putting in all
> > of the manhours to add video support properly to aRts, when we can
> > essentially just patch aRts up with a short term video solution and
> > consider GStreamer as the long-term solution for KDE?
> I agree, if you have no interest or commitment to aRts, it's a waste of
> your time to work on it.  But *your* lack of commitment isn't a valid
> criticism against aRts.

It wasn't a criticism against aRts. aRts is fine at what it does - which is 
sound for the most part. And I *do* have a compelling desire to work on a 
video framework for Linux (and BSD, etc.) But I don't want to reinvent the 
wheel, and I don't want to waste my time starting from scratch something 
which other people are already well on the way to developing. And at this 
moment in time, their is no long-term general video framework support in 

> Your bias toward making KDE depend upon an unproven system based on
> a crude programming language is not in itself a reason to replace aRts.

I never said anything of the sort, that's why I later say "wait for GStreamer 
to mature" before making any decision. Indeed, as I also said, I haven't 
looked into aRts or GStreamer in enough detail yet to make an informed 
decision as to whether or not the framework is adequate.

And please don't turn this discussion into a programming language flame-fest, 
I'm not going to take the bait.

> > At the end of the day, if I have the choice to spend the next year
> > writing a video framework into aRts, or wait 9 months for GStreamer to
> > mature and then spend three weeks updating the C++ wrappers around it,
> > then I for one would prefer the time to work on other things :-)
> That's fine.  You can wait.  Others will act.

Oh, I agree. But my initial question, which you did not answer, was is it 
better to act and put the effort into aRts, or into GStreamer?


Jason Wood
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