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George Staikos staikos at
Thu Oct 24 01:15:40 BST 2002

On October 23, 2002 13:55, Neil Stevens wrote:
> On Wednesday October 23, 2002 08:44, George Staikos wrote:
> >    Exactly what is the arts/kde multimedia framework with respect to
> > graphics right now?
> aRts knows nothing of graphics, really.

   Ok that's what I thought.  Actually I'm not sure why it even should, but 
I'm sure someone has come up with a reason.

> KDE has a video widget interface in libartskde.  It depends up on the
> VideoPlayObject, which is implemented by xine_artsplugin, and the video
> widget is used by Kaboodle and Noatun.

   What does this do exactly?  Is it an output method?  CODEC?  Input source?  
All of the above?  These are the questions I have.  You may remember our 
discussion about KXv for instance.  I have still been working on this library 
and it is getting into shape now.  It will come to kdemultimedia with kwintv, 
hopefully in 3.2.  I can still make this a separate library, along with the 
v4l code, and other high speed and not-so-high-speed video display methods.  
I actually wrote a class which can attach to a QWidget and display video into 
it using the best available method (configurable too).  I think these kinds 
of things would be useful in other KDE apps.  Would they fit well in the 
existing framework?  Are they of use?  I think the nice thing about them is 
that they follow KDE development patterns, as opposed to arbitrary C based 


George Staikos

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