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On Wednesday October 23, 2002 10:55, Neil Stevens wrote:
> On Wednesday October 23, 2002 08:44, George Staikos wrote:
> >    Exactly what is the arts/kde multimedia framework with respect to
> > graphics right now?
> aRts knows nothing of graphics, really.
> KDE has a video widget interface in libartskde.  It depends up on the
> VideoPlayObject, which is implemented by xine_artsplugin, and the video
> widget is used by Kaboodle and Noatun.

Just another note: Other PlayObjects would be written to implement 
VideoPlayObject, and other interfaces (like, say, DVD) could be written 
that inherit VideoPlayObject.

I don't see DVD playback going into Kaboodle or Noatun, as the amount of UI 
required by a DVD exceeds the amount of UI already in those apps.  I think 
it'd make much more sense to have specialized apps for specialized 
hardware, the way we already have a separate CD player.  This way the UI 
can be optimized for every case.

There won't be a problem of code duplication as we already have a player 
KPart and interface which can be extended to give access to advanced 
interfaces as they become needed.

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