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(joining in late in this thread)

> These are the main reasons I have been looking at GStreamer and aRts for 
> writing my own cutter/engine. From my GUI's point of view though, it should 
> never see or be bothered by the choice of framework or lack thereof. The 
> engine will tell the GUI what it is capable of (including which files it can 
> handle, which transitions it can generate, etc.) and the GUI will respond by 
> making those features available to the user.

Thanks for considering GStreamer.  As one of the fringe developers on it, 
I just want to state that we are interested in helping out as much as we 
can if you want to use GStreamer as the backend.  Personally speaking, it 
would be a huge duplication of effort if KDE were to reimplement a 
multimedia framework with overlapping goals as GStreamer.

In the past, the most general objection to GStreamer from a KDE standpoint 
has been the fact that it has been coded in C.

Some other objections have been raised regarding dependencies, but these 
are mostly bogus.  The required dependencies for the core are popt, 
libxml2 and glib2.  Only glib2 might be a problem, but as I understand it 
glib1 and libxml are used in KDE as well, so it would seem like a 
non-issue.  All of the optional dependencies (eg for the actual plug-ins) 
are, well, optional ;)

Tim Jansen made bindings, as you know - I am not capable enough of 
commenting on how extendable they are to all of the functionality they 
need, but I'd guess that if he was able to write the simple video player, 
the other classes should be about as easy to port.

My advice would be to try both out for some relatively simple tests and 
see what works best for you.
As a teaser (because you mentioned effects), here's how to filter an mpeg 
video using the agingTV effecTV plug-in :
gst-launch filesrc location="AlienSong.mpg" ! mpegdemux video_%02d! 
{ queue ! mpeg2dec ! colorspace ! agingTV ! colorspace ! 
 mpeg2enc ! disksink location=alien-age.mpg }



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