Broken video thumbnails

ewald snel ewald at
Mon Oct 21 12:11:26 BST 2002

Hi Simon,

> On Saturday 19 October 2002 4:22 pm, Simon MacMullen wrote:
> > If you're not, I will, but my C coding is pathetic and
> > I'll probably have a hard time fixing it...
> Well, maybe pathetic C coding is all we need. The attached patch seems to fix 
> it. Is there anything deep that I'm not understanding here? If not, can I 
> commit it? (Are we in the having-to-ask-to-commit phase yet?)

It used to cause lockups with xine 0.9.11, but that could have been related
to bugs in aRts or KDE as well. If it seems to work fine now, please commit it.

I'm sorry for not working on the xine aRts plugin lately, but I didn't have
much time for it because of university obligations.

> Cheers, Simon

Thanks for testing/fixing this.


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