Problems with kdemultimedia package

Matthias Welwarsky matze at
Sat Oct 19 12:06:57 BST 2002

On Saturday 19 October 2002 12:41, Christopher S Horler wrote:
> I've not been following this list in too much detail for a while now.
> This email brings to light some concerning issues.
> Arts isn't maintained anymore, presumably there is some plan of action -
> changing sound server (to a maintained one)?

I'm not seeing this (arts being unmaintained). I've been talking to Stefan 
Westerfeld on a meeting in Hamburg recently and he's far from giving up on 
arts. However, there has been a discussion on what should happen to the whole 
multimedia architecture in KDE, and arts is probably going to be replaced by 
something else. 

Arts has grown inside KDE, to much more than just being the "Analog realtime 
synthesizer" it was. Arts' very versatile architecture just invited people to 
plug in a whole slew of useful stuff, like audio codecs, video players, stuff 
like that. Most of the time, when you're accusing Arts of being buggy, it's 
just that one of the plugins behaves unstably.

Anyway, right now you cannot just remove arts and replace it by something 
else. You'd instantly lose tons of features. noatun e.g. would be just an 
empty, nonfuncational playlist displaying program with skin support. There 
simply is nothing comparable to arts right now that can be used as a 

> On Sat, 2002-10-19 at 05:00, Charles Samuels wrote:

> > >   3) For somebody (not me) noatun causes artsd to crash because of a
> > >      "Preserve frequencies" feature in pitchablespeed. So somebody
> > > removed the feature instead of a real fix. And it's soooooooo nifty
> > > feature! The sound is not perfect in comparison with the proffessional
> > > harmonizer, but simply - it's nice to have it. Now I have one sticky
> > > tag to keep it, because it works here.
> >
> > I commited that, arts has no maintainer.  The bitrot has begun.

The pitching code is not in arts, actually. It's up to the playobject code to 
implement speed pitching. Charles is hitting the wrong guy here.


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