[PATCH] mp3 KFMI kbps string and audiocd IOSlave date

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Fri Oct 11 22:25:51 BST 2002

Ok, the first one is *really* trivial.  The Ogg KFMI plugin reports "123 kbps" 
and mp3 reports "123kbps".  I added a space to the mp3 KFMI.  I don't really 
care which one is changed, but they should be concistant.

The second is that the audiocd IOSlave, when setting Vorbis comments (since 
id3v1 doesn't support date -- I might have id3v2 ready for 3.2, but we'll 
see) it sets the date to the rip time.  From the OggVorbis comment semi-spec:

DATE: Date the track was recorded 

So, the field is set incorrectly in the current implementation.  The "DYEAR" 
field is supported in the latest version of CDDB (or at least freedb), so I 
changed it to read the date and to set the Vorbis comment to Jan 1, <year>.  

Also, it would be my preference to not write comment fields to the fields for 
which no data has been retrieved.  I however did not do this with the date 
field as it is not done with any of the other fields.

I will commit both of these tomorrow if nobody objects.


If the answer is "more lawyers" then the question shouldn't have been asked.
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