[Bug 45745] Ogg playback distotred when Openoffice is active

Roger Larsson roger.larsson at norran.net
Mon Oct 7 23:30:44 BST 2002

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------- Additional Comments From roger.larsson at norran.net  2002-10-08 00:30 -------
This has NOTHING to do with OpenOffice! 
Note that XMMS works. 
Why does XMMS work but not noatun + arts? 
1. Bigger audio buffers? 
	XMMS can have several seconds buffered in the driver! 
	Arts can not do this since it also plays at notification - 
	and those can't be delayed that long. 
2. Fewer processes that need to wake up promptly. 
	Can be fixed with RT priority. Artswrapper needs to be suid root. 
	But note that that opens for a DOS attack - not for your server!

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