[Bug 34859] Full-screen should remain so through loops

�yvind S�ther oyvind at sather.tk
Mon Oct 7 11:30:14 BST 2002

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------- Additional Comments From oyvind at sather.tk  2002-10-07 12:30 -------
KDE3, Beta2. I got a playlist with a lot of .mpeg videoclips.   
Noatun still returns to a normal size window between clips. 
1. Add tons of files to a playlist. 
2. Start playing. 
3. Enter full-screen mode 
4. When the clip is finished, 
5. Noatun returns to small-window-mode, 
6. And the next clip starts playing in small-window mode. 
7. Screw Noatun,  
8. Load XMMS. Add loads of .mp3 and .mpeg, invoke a nice full-screen 
9. The fullscreen vizualiser plays on MP3s, .mpeg video plays fullscreen on 
10. You never see the desktop while playing, only nice graphics or music 
Without 8-10, Noatun is as good as useless to me. OK, a single-file-movie can 
be played in Noatun, but the quallity is really much better in a) mplayer for 
.mpeg and b) avifile for .avi. (KDE is based on Xine, not my favorite anyway). 
Also, I had to set the Arts buffer to the minimum and use real-time priority,  
else the sound/video is hopelessly out of sync in Noatun / Konqueror preview. 
(And I only use Arts with the KDE applications that require it. 
XMMS/Xine/Mplayer/whatever allways use ALSA plugins. ALSA is great, personally 
I'd like to see the whole Arts-thing go away and have Noatun/KDE-multimedia 
just use Alsa when possible).

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