Work around: [Bug 37251] can not play all files encoded with ogg vorbis rc3

Roger Larsson roger.larsson at
Thu Oct 3 09:23:54 BST 2002

(from addition to bug report)

After some tweaking it works.           
Problem is that we have several competing OGG vorbis handling currently...           
	arts, mpeglib, and oggvorbis_artsplugin           
I have done nothing special in my configuration but I get two .mcopclass'es       
installed that handles OGG:      
[use: "grep -r -i ogg /opt/kdecvs/lib/mcop/" to find out]   
If I remove OGGPlayObject.mcopclass (or move away)   
and then restart arts sound server - I get sound for all strange ogg files  
(like encoded 8000 Hz, mono)  
Should oggPlayObject and ogg support from mpeglib be removed?

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