Timidity needs to bite the dust

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Fri Nov 22 05:27:16 GMT 2002

I think that Timidity has to go.  It has too many severe problems.  It doesn't 
follow KDE standards, the build process is ugly, it uses almost full cpu on 
my dual athlon to play a single midi file, it is ancient, and it conflicts 
with modern versions of Timidity++.

Can we junk this for 3.1.0 or at least the next release?

See mail from Pavel Roskin on bug #14436:

The old (ancient) timidity from kdemultimedia should not be installed at 
 all. It can overwrite a modern working version of TiMidity++. 
 Patch for kdemultimedia-3.0.2: 
 --- kmidi/TIMIDITY/Makefile.am 
 +++ kmidi/TIMIDITY/Makefile.am 
 @@ -217 +217 @@ 
 appsdir = $(kde_appsdir)/Multimedia 
 apps_DATA = timidity.desktop 
 -bin_PROGRAMS = timidity 
 +noinst_PROGRAMS = timidity 
 timidity_SOURCES = timidity.c common.c readmidi.c playmidi.c resample.c mix.c 
instrum.c \ 
 tables.c controls.c output.c filter.c \ 
 Actually I doubt that you even need to compile it. Use TiMidity++ and 
 require it's presence or rename your timidity to something else or 
 install it to some other directory like /usr/libexec where it would have 
 less chances to conflict with TiMidity++.

George Staikos

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