splitplaylist fix for making my listview grow too much

zack zackxd at att.net
Thu Nov 21 18:14:57 GMT 2002

On Friday 08 November 2002 13:05, Stefan Gehn wrote:
> Moin,
> What bugged me a long time finally got fixed by myself, the titel-row
> of splitplaylist gets its width from the filename and not from the
> real contents.
> So having a file "verylongfilename with a lot of stupid text.ogg" and
> a tag expanding to  "short - one" resulted in a very big column for
> the text but only just a few pixels actually used :)
> This patch fixes the problem, I tested with and without metatag
> loaded and I like the new behaviour and did not find any drawback
> yet.

Patch looks fine. Someone else should say whether it's worth to commit 
it before 3.1 as the current behavior was never a problem for me 
(although it is silly).


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