[BT] artsbuilder crash

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Fri Nov 8 19:42:55 GMT 2002

> On Friday November 08, 2002 10:57, Pavel Troller wrote:
> >   Please could somebody look at the problem ? I know that arts now
> > hasn't an active maintainer.
> Is that so?  Last word Stefan gave, he wasn't abandoning aRts.  In fact, he 
> was pretty vehemently the other way when I asked him about it.

Sorry, this information I've got from Charles Samuels, discussing other
problem - he disabled the "preserve frequencies" feature in pitchablespeed,
see the following quote:
>>   3) For somebody (not me) noatun causes artsd to crash because of a
>>      "Preserve frequencies" feature in pitchablespeed. So somebody removed
>>      the feature instead of a real fix. And it's soooooooo nifty feature!
>>      The sound is not perfect in comparison with the proffessional
>>      harmonizer, but simply - it's nice to have it. Now I have one sticky
>>      tag to keep it, because it works here.
>I commited that, arts has no maintainer.  The bitrot has begun.

> By the way, are you aware that we have a bug tracking database?  Bugs don't 
> get lost when they are sent there, but can get lost when sent to a mailing 
> list.
Yes, I know, but everytime I use it, I have a bad feeling of offline-ness
- obviously nobody responds, if so, in a very long time. These lists are much
  more interactive. And because it's so shortly before release...

                                    With regards, Pavel Troller

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