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On Monday December 30, 2002 08:02, Florin Andrei wrote:
> Over xine-lib, it has the advantage of being specifically designed to be
> a multimedia foundation for a complex environment (after staring for a
> long time at the specifications and API, i had the impression that xine
> was designed to be just that: a multimedia library to build players on
> top of it, while Gstreamer seems somewhat closer to what i'm trying to
> suggest here).
> It has the disadvantage of being in an earlier phase of implementation,
> and less tested.
> Long term, i'd feel inclined in favour of Gstreamer: start implementing
> hooks to it now, so that after a while all the functionality will be
> there, and quite powerful and adequate for a desktop environment.
> Short term, xine makes more sense: one could make it basically right now
> a multimedia foundation for any desktop environment, but it wasn't
> exactly designed with desktop environments in mind.

You seem to be missing that we already have a system.  A system that has 
had the work of many developers, debuggers, and testers poured into it, 
making it work better on more and more systems.

To throw that away in favor of a newer, unproven system tied to the GLib 
object model would seem to be completely wrong for KDE.

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